LA TETERA AZUL (The Blue Teapot)

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estuche infusiones premium

Herbal Teas Premium Case

Case with 24 infusions of 12 different blends: pu-erh red tea, hibiscus, green tea, strawberry and kiwi; English breakfast black tea; rooibos, melisa, chamomile tea and orange blossom; White tea, pear and apple; chamomile flowers; black tea with jasmine; gunpowder and peppermint green tea; chocolate black tea; black tea with bergamot aroma; masala chai green tea: red fruits and pennyroyal.

Estuche Lateterazul Selection

Selection Case

"The real thing"... We present our "Gourmet" line in pyramidal bags of biodegradable nylon, so you can clearly see all the ingredients they contain. The leaves, the fruits, the cocoa… and the aromas in their purest state and without crushing.

caja lujo infusiones

Signature Collection 8 Pyramid Case

Case with 8 infusions of 4 different blends: Pai Mu Tan white tea with saffron; Oolong tea with saffron; Darjeeling tea with saffron and chamomile with saffron. Signature Collection is the essence of nature in a select cup of tea. A ritual in which to combine the art of infusion with the Spanish culture and the Arab tradition: The delicate notes of tea with the fragrance of the saffron flower.

taza mug la tetera azul

Arabesque Mug

With 240 ml capacity and a height of 89 mm, our porcelain Mug with arabesque design plate is unique in its design, size or simply because when you hold it in your hands it radiates something special.

vaso but first tea

"But first Tea" Take Away Glass

Take your favourite tea or infusion with you and enjoy it anywhere in the world. Now you can do it with a smile with the amusing messages from our Take Away Glasses. And personalize it with your name! It is Lightweight and comfortable to carry. It has a polypropylene lid. Its measurements are 9 cm in diameter x 11.5; with a hole in the lid to drink and enjoy the aroma of your drink. Reusable. Fill it as many times as you want and help take care of the environment. Capacity: 400 ml.

Essential Collection Lateterazul

Essential Collection Case

A collection of 20 traditional sachets with 5 essential flavours to awaken your senses: Pampering Tea, Embellish Tea, Surprise Tea, Fashion Tea and Soothing Tea.

filtro infusión

Ball filter with a catch

It is an essential accessory in all kitchens of any tea lover. Filter your infusion wherever you want, whenever you want. Tea leaves can be easily opened to release their aroma without falling into the drink.