Pol. Ind. Camponaraya, Sector 2 Parcela 3
24410 Camponaraya, León. Spain
T: (+34) 987 464 072 | F:  987 464 073
E-mail: [email protected]

(Decimal System): Latitude: 42.5694461 // Lenght: -6.6636452
(System Grades/Minutes/seconds)   Latitude: 42º 34' 10.005"
// Lenght: -6º 39' 49.1214"

Laboratorio Pharmadus Botanicals
Pharmadus Botanicals

It has been over 50 years since we started. Step by step, we have built some avant-garde facilities where a group of expert botanists develop a unique and natural process, which maximizes the healing elements of each ingredient..

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We like to think, investigate and drink tea, but above all we like to interact with different people. Sharing and growing is what inspires us.