Gastronomy & Cocktails

La Tetera Azul (The Blue Teapot) breaks into the most select gastronomy, presenting its most sophisticated proposals: a catering of selected dishes made with teas and infusions as protagonists.

evento aperitivo la tetera azul

From the hand of award-winning bartender Rubén Hermoso Tejero, La Tetera Azul (The Blue Teapot) has reinvented traditional cocktails, maintaining their personality and emphasizing their character, using exclusive blends of botanicals to combine with your favorite distillate and achieve spectacular creations. The result is in your hands for you to enjoy.

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To see how La TETERA AZUL can help you do business, lets see each other to have a cup of tea and talk. Send us your details and one of our “tea masters” will contact you.

Address: Pol. Ind. de Camponaraya, sector 2 parcela 3. 24410. Camponaraya, León. España

Telephone number: +34 987 464 072

Email: [email protected]

Fax: +34 987 464 073